HVT - Lean Machine

The Lean Machine is going to help transform your body all while conditioning and expanding your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds through weight training only.

My training programs run through a software platform called Metron that uses your data to help personalize your training intensity.  Exercise video demonstrations will be present in every exercise, along with our mobile optimized app, that provides a more uniform way to track and train. By joining the subscription above, you will start with this plan, but gain access to all on the inside.

Gain access to all trainers for $19.99 a month or save and pay only $199 a year.

* The Metron App is currently mobile optimized with access on Desktop or Smart Device using a Web Browser.  iOS is in Beta and will be available in Dec. Android is not available at this moment.

We are going for broke on these exercises to recruit and stress as many muscle fibers as possible in hopes to repair them for new growth. I’ve used HVT as my primary form of training over the years, and it is through this style of training that I’ve been able to achieve a very lean look with a lot of muscle.

HVT is the exertion of a maximal force and energy through reps of a particular exercise until your muscles reach failure.

This trainer is scheduled for 12 weeks. Some weeks we will focus on a Heavy Volume approach with HV 100 rep sets, and other weeks, the focus is power and strength with a much lower volume.

Plan Goal
Lose Weight
Average Workout Time
60 Minutes
Times Per Week
6x / Wk - 12 Weeks
Program Level

Workout Preview

Day 1

Legs / Calves

Day 2

Chest / Tricpes

Day 7


Day 3

Abs / Agility

Day 5

Shoulders / Traps / Rear Delts

Day 4

Back / Biceps

Day 6

Biceps / Triceps

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Thank you Craig for hvt100, this was a program like no other that I've done. I lost 21 lbs and 10% bf in 12 weeks and am the leanest I've. Ever been. I lost no strength and even gained size in legs and arms. The nutrition in the program has taught me a lot and changed how I approach my diet and every workout had an exercise I had never done before so muscle confusion was constant. I highly recommend HVT to any and everybody whether looking to lean out like me, bulk or maintain

Khalil Mouallem
Lose Weight
We're still filling in the testimonials.
We're still filling in the testimonials.
We're still filling in the testimonials.
We're still filling in the testimonials.

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