Super 30 - Fury v2

If you nail your nutrition and follow my training plan, be ready to buy some new clothes in 30 days

My training programs run through a software platform called Metron that uses your data to help personalize your training intensity.  Exercise video demonstrations will be present in every exercise, along with our mobile optimized app, that provides a more uniform way to track and train. By joining the subscription above, you will start with this plan, but gain access to all on the inside.

Gain access to all trainers for $19.99 a month or save and pay only $199 a year.

* The Metron App is currently mobile optimized with access on Desktop or Smart Device using a Web Browser.  iOS is in Beta and will be available in Dec. Android is not available at this moment.

The Super 30 concept is Craig Capurso's personal one-month cutting program.  With more than 20+ years of experience and his ability to reduce weight in a moments notice, you are in for a treat.  Fury is the 2nd version of the series and highlights Craig as he makes his debut on the Classic Physique stage.   Follow along with Craig as he provides you daily workout videos to show you exactly what to do and how he does it.

It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be intense, but options will allow you to progress at your own pace.  You should expect to HIT IT & QUIT IT in under an hour.  

Fury picks up where 30 Days Out left off.  You will see similarities, but make no mistake this program is different.  You will get introduced to time under tension, combination Tabata, and more.  Two years of critical feedback and program testimonials have allowed me to make this training program superior to the first.  Now add Metron the platform engine on top of it, and you have a version that is superior to the first.

Join me on the inside with Fury!

Plan Goal
Lose Weight
Average Workout Time
60 minutes
Times Per Week
6x / Wk - 30 days
Program Level

Workout Preview

Day 1

Biceps / Calves

Day 2

Shoulders / Abs

Day 7


Day 3

Legs / Calves

Day 5

Back / Biceps

Day 4

Chest / Triceps

Day 6

Triceps / Abs

Get Optimized!

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We're still filling in the testimonials.
We're still filling in the testimonials.
We're still filling in the testimonials.
We're still filling in the testimonials.
We're still filling in the testimonials.

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