The Unicorn

Get Bigger, Stronger, and Leaner.

My training programs run through a software platform called Metron that uses your data to help personalize your training intensity.  Exercise video demonstrations will be present in every exercise, along with our mobile optimized app, that provides a more uniform way to track and train. By joining the subscription above, you will start with this plan, but gain access to all on the inside.

Gain access to all trainers for $19.99 a month or save and pay only $199 a year.

* The Metron App is currently mobile optimized with access on Desktop or Smart Device using a Web Browser.  iOS is in Beta and will be available in Dec. Android is not available at this moment.

Why did I name it The Unicorn?

A Unicorn exemplifies the uncatchable, which is similar to the goal of this fitness plan. Get bigger, stronger, and leaner.  

I want you to walk away from this trainer knowing that it's ok to mix modalities.  I will put you on a baseline week that will take you through a large variety of movements which you may have never done before.  The Metron training system will calculate the weight you should lift in the ensuing weeks based on my recommendations and your data.

This trainer will mix four very different modalities into a 3-day repeat split resting every 7th and will last nine weeks including the baseline.  This will gives us the rest and recovery that will be needed to gain, all while moving just enough to reduce.

There is a Nutrition Calculator that will provide personalized macro based recommendations for every day in this nine-week plan. Update your body weight weekly, so we can dynamically base our next week's recommendations of real-time inputs. Most calculators will collect your info upfront and then spit out the entire plan, but that is the difference between customized and personalized.

Plan Goal
Gain Muscle
Average Workout Time
60 Minutes
Times Per Week
6x / Wk - 9 Weeks
Program Level

Workout Preview

Day 1


Day 2

Legs, Arms

Day 7


Day 3

Legs, Arms

Day 5

Legs, Arms

Day 4


Day 6


Get Optimized!

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I cannot speak highly enough of Metron! It completely eliminates the guesswork associated with training! The ability to download quality programs, and not have to waste time figuring out percentages or looking up past workouts is priceless! Speaking of "price," WHAT A VALUE!?! Without a doubt, one of, if not THE BEST, investments I've ever made!

Dr. Corey Walker

Cory Walker
Lose Weight
We're still filling in the testimonials.
We're still filling in the testimonials.
We're still filling in the testimonials.
We're still filling in the testimonials.

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