Adam Bancroft
Lose Weight
Super 30 - v1

My transformation picture from Super 30.  Thanks so much for such a great program.  I went from 223 pounds to 203 and have never felt better.  Your program was exactly what I needed to push myself to a place I never thought possible.  Thanks for all you do man!!

Scott Jordan
Weight Loss
Super 30 - v1

I’ve dropped 25 lbs doing your Super 30 days out program. I love the HVT style and your carb slide is the first diet that I don’t feel like I’m dying everyday. …

Rodney Gonzales
Lose Weight
Super 30 - v1

I completed your 30 days out program in the month of June & posted my transformation on instagram. I started the program at 178 lbs and finished at 170. It was a fantastic program that helped me lean out by properly breaking down the training and nutritional aspects. It challenged me each day physically and mentally. I love the results and the knowledge I acquired from completing the program. Thank you for all your hard work and time for creating 30 days out. I look forward to trying out your other programs and continue to better myself throughout my fitness journey.

William Miller
HVT - Bigger Is Better

I've experienced Craig's HVT first hand with him! I can honestly tell you it was the toughest and most grueling routine I have ever experienced! Sore for days!! If you need a change in your routine and need to break that plateau, try Craig's heavy volume training...if you can withstand it that is! Challenge yourself!

Cory Walker
Lose Weight
The Unicorn

I cannot speak highly enough of Metron! It completely eliminates the guesswork associated with training! The ability to download quality programs, and not have to waste time figuring out percentages or looking up past workouts is priceless! Speaking of "price," WHAT A VALUE!?! Without a doubt, one of, if not THE BEST, investments I've ever made!

Dr. Corey Walker

Nick Sagona
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Super 60 - Metabolic Conditioning

I'm 24 years old so going out on the weekend with my friends is a pretty big part of my social life. The reverse dieting techniques in Super 60 allowed me to get my social life back after the initial 30-day cut and not feel guilty about enjoying myself while out. My weight did not balloon after completing the cut and I'm more confident and happier than ever with my body!

Khalil Mouallem
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HVT - Lean Machine

Thank you Craig for hvt100, this was a program like no other that I've done. I lost 21 lbs and 10% bf in 12 weeks and am the leanest I've. Ever been. I lost no strength and even gained size in legs and arms. The nutrition in the program has taught me a lot and changed how I approach my diet and every workout had an exercise I had never done before so muscle confusion was constant. I highly recommend HVT to any and everybody whether looking to lean out like me, bulk or maintain